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Our Story

Kopi & Wrap was founded by a team of like-minded foodies; a pair of Chef and ex-Barista since 2004 who have always liked to eat, drink, and exchange amazing food recipes despite staying at far distance. Our hobby quickly led us to opening this Cafe, what more in hut-like place like this where people coming to Cyberjaya can meet to enjoy our special wraps, other types of dishes from southern state (Kluang) until west state (Kuala). 

Freshness and creativity are our favorite ingredients where both of us have already built our own brands for few of the products, and they are available at the product lines page.

Our menu will be far varied from what is available now from time to time and your feedback is utmost welcome.

We want to do more for you!

Sincerely yours,

Barista Pouring Milk
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Our Chef

Chef Muiz

From a humble beginning as a Commis Chef at Legacy Hotel until becoming Chef de Cuisine at Sambal, Style, Sleep, Chef Muiz has developed ways of carving cooking skills especially in Malaysian cuisine at his level best till date.

Chef Muiz have had vast experience in joining local competitions, and had developed specialized gastronomy art in platting and fruit carving.

He is now a proud owner and founder of Azii Drinks.

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Coffee Machine

Barista Nizam

With over 10+ years of experience under the toque, our Barista has worked his touch over the years into culinary expertise from mastering the essence of coffees (and teas) until further self-made product lines of CrabJejari, The Stingless, LemangGlutinous, and the current range of Wraps.

"This is the first of the many, next", he says.

A special gratitude to both Mama Halimatull Sa'diah and Som Ali whom always a good critics and unconditionally fun in making sure things are always of top of his game when it comes to delivering it best to customers. 

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